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We take in girls, boys and teenagers between 6 and 17 years old, outside of their school days, who suffer from situations of vulnerability. We offer them a safe and harmonious space where we provide them with lunch and snacks, psychosocial, health, pedagogical, recreational and educational support. We work with families to strengthen them and help them become protective environments for our children.


Our methodology is based on the implementation of activities appropriate to each child’s development stage. While we encourage the youngest children in their psychomotor development or in the discovery of their environment’s basic element, we closely accompany adolescents in their socialization process, life project and their transition to adulthood.

We promote education and provide affective support the children and adolescents to help them develop their aptitudes, socially, artistically, academically and so on. 

We aim to walk them through the consolidation of their life project and the guarantee of their rights.


Temporary home

We offer a temporary home to children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old, who are in a situation of violation of rights declared by the competent authority, due to negligence, mistreatment, abuse or abandonment. They live in our home until the authority makes a decision about their permanent placement.


We provide them with love and protection, housing, food, clothing, nutritional and health monitoring, psychosocial support, pedagogical accompaniment, recreational and educational activities.


Together with our team of caregivers and professionals in pedagogy, psychology and social work, we provide them with a loving, harmonious and restorative environment, where we accompany, strengthen and guide them during their stay, helping them to identify skills that enable them to overcome situations of threat and/or violence.

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