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About Us

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi -


Our Story

Since 1995, based on love and solidarity, the Prohijar Corporation has supported hundreds of girls, teenagers, and their families, whom we seek to empower, restore their rights, and make them protagonists of their life projects. To do so, we help them establish concrete strategies and goals to overcome the inequality and risks that they face in their daily lives.


As of 2022, we opened our doors to boys, providing the same support.

The Prohijar Corporation, in line with its social mission and core objectives, responds to the urgent needs of children and adolescents in the local area. We offer comprehensive services that contribute to the care of these children by respecting the rights of children and adolescents and aligning ourselves with the related SDGs and territorial public policies.

Our team

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in effectively exercising the fundamental rights of children and adolescents in family accompaniment to prevent conflict or violent dynamics. We also have comprehensive training on promoting healthy relationships based on love, respect and responsibility.


Our team comprises caregivers and professionals in pedagogy, psychology, social work and nutrition. Volunteers with knowledge of arts, sports, languages and various educational and recreational activities also support us.


We are guided by a Board of Directors composed of professionals in medicine, law and business administration, who, through their pro-bono work, are fully committed to this cause.

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